Archive - Apr 20, 2006

Little Barn and Surly Clouds

The storm last night made the leaves come out. This morning, the aspen were lime green. Last night, I think there was nothing. I was going to point it out to Leo, but first thing he said this morning was that those things that hang from trees are out!

Twins 12 Angels 10

You don't win a pennant playing ugly games like this one. What a slopfest.

Statistically, the Twins' starting pitchers are now the worst in the major leagues with an ERA of 7.14. That will change, but it just shows how lucky the Twins are to be at .500 right now. They have maintained an even record although their strength has turned into their weakness.


Leo and I were discussing culture last night. One big difference he sees between Brazilian culture and northern Minnesota culture is the level of affection displayed. In Brazil, you hug and kiss when you meet others. Leo kisses his mother and father on both cheeks when they greet. Here, of course, that is not done. You're lucky to get a light hug.