Archive - Apr 2006

April 16th

On the water

A log in the sun is an ideal place to get the winter cold out of this turtle's bones.

A local minnow gatherer floats around on an area pond as if it is June. Another beautiful summer-like day today. Almost surreal. I remember in 1983 there were 17 inches of snow on April 17th.

April 15th

A sprung spring

Haven't recalled such an early spring in a long time. Today felt summer-like. We have gone the entire month of May without more than two or three days like today, much less having a week full of such days in the month of April.

There are obvious benefits to an early spring for those in the nursery business. People not only able to plant trees and shrubs, but they are enthusiastic. People are eager to do yardwork. The likelihood that they will come back a time or two extra, or perhaps take on an extra project, is higher.

April 13th

Swan dance

The swans did a little dance for me tonight. I think I saw part of the ballet Swan Lake one time, and I remember the dancers moving in perfect tandem. I didn't realize that is what swans do so much of the time.

Each move seems to be immediately echoed by the other.

April 12th

When Ulen was in bed...

Caught this pair of swans along Polk County 1 east of Fertile this afternoon. They weren't too upset with my snooping. Something leads me to believe that they are pretty used to human contact wherever they go in the winter. Machinery noises, etc., don't make them flinch.

April 11th

Twins 7 Oakland 6

The Twins and Oakland have good battles. It has been that way for most of the 32 seasons that I have watched. Even when the Oakland A's won three straight World Series while the Twins languished, the Twins could take the A's to the mat.

Frog and swans

Only an hour after writing the post below, bookkeeper Cindy saw this perfectly camouflaged little munchkin jumping across the carpet in the office. We were going to put it on the green carpet to see if its colors would change, but I decided to take the poor thing outside after I subjected him to a photographic session.


When I stepped outside this morning, I heard frogs for the first time this season. Quite a chorus. This is the first spring season I have lived in the Swamp Castle, so I have been looking forward to going to sleep to the frogs.

Then I got to thinking, how to frogs spend the winter? With the internet, the answers are never far away.

April 9th

First pair of wood ducks


After a winter of chasing the elusive pileated woodpecker who lives right outside my window in this poplar tree, I finally captured him today. They just don't sit still long enough for me to run and get my camera. But today, this one did. There is a pair which apparently are nesting around the swamp.

April 8th

Lake Country

Got up way too early for a Saturday morning and headed down to Underwood, MN for another Garden Days. I ran late, so I was worried about finding the school in time to get to my first class at nine. No problem. Underwood is a town of 312 people, and there were over 700 people at the Garden Days, so it was quite obvious where I should go. They even had a separate speaker's entrance and parking area, for which I was grateful.