Archive - Apr 2006

April 7th

Mallards and bison

At the same spot where last night's bufflehead was floating, this pair of mallards took off tonight when Leo and I drove by in the pickup.

We were on our way to Mahnomen to the casino where Joe and I were to perform for the Minnesota Bison Growers Association annual meeting.

April 6th

Speaking circuit

This is the first time I have had a speech at 6:30 a.m. and another at 6:30 p.m. on the same day. The early speech was in Crookston for the Kiwanis. As one would expect of a gathering at such a crazy hour, most attendees were retired men.

April 5th

Cell phones

Got word this morning that a vehicle containing two weblog readers, who shall remain anonymous, was hit from behind at a stoplight yesterday by a woman who was, you guessed it, talking on a cell phone. Cell phones are worse than booze, I tell you! Serious damage to the vehicle, little more than sore necks for the six passengers in the car. Bloody nose for the woman on the phone. Lesson learned, I hope.

Opening Day

Well, the Twins and Johan Santana got bombed. So much for the thrill of Opening Day!

Leo and I rushed back from Grand Forks to get home in time for the first pitch. As we proceeded down Highway 102 from Crookston to Fertile, we encountered what looked to be a shattered windshield lying in the middle of our lane. There was no avoiding it. I straddled the worst of it, worried a bit about a flat, and forgot about it.


Leo and I went to Grand Forks to get him a Social Security number yesterday. He told somebody today, "Now I am American!" Well, it will take a while to get an actual number since Homeland Security has to make sure he's not going to bomb anything first.

April 4th

Twins prognosis

Opening Day of baseball season brings out the prognostication in everybody. So, here goes:

The Twins should be one of the most interesting teams to watch in the major leagues. It helps that they have one of the best pitching staffs. Pitching wins, unless you can't score at all, which is what happened last season. The Twins have added a little punch to their batting order since last season, and the pitching may well be improved.

April 2nd

The Rising Red

This is the Demers Avenue bridge in Grand Forks, viewed from the Minnesota side this evening. I was surprised at how high the water was. The waterfront was bustling with cars and pedestrians getting a view of the ice floes sneaking under the bridge.

One wonders what this couple may have gone through in 1997. There weren't many residents of the Grand Forks area who were unscathed.

April 1st

Grand Forks

Spent yesterday and today at the Grand Forks Home Show. It has some other name like "Lifestyles Expo," or something similarly irrelevant. But it is a Home Show, with the usual spa and cabinet displays. I will be there tomorrow as well, manning a booth. I also gave a seminar this afternoon and will give another tomorrow afternoon.