Archive - May 1, 2006

Dreary weekend

I was fortunate enough to be too busy to take in so much as one inning of the Twins this weekend. They were pounded by the Tigers--and scored only one run all weekend. Wow. It would be pretty tough to get much lower than the Twins are right now.

But baseball has a way of averaging out. I think the Twins are much better than how they have played so far. The pitching will likely come around. The summer won't be boring.

Stupid English!

Leo is getting a bit frustrated with our language. It makes no sense and it seems to have no rules.

This morning, I said "Well, I am going up to the nursery!"

Leo and I have gone over this. Why do you say "up" to the nursery? I figure it is because the nursery is north of my house. North is up on the map, so I go "up" to the nursery.

Herald article

A week ago, the Grand Forks Herald published a nice article in their "At Home" section on the Swamp Castle. Anne Bailey wrote a good article, and Eric Hylden took his usual excellent photos. Some people have wondered how come I let a newspaper into my house to do a story, but I thought it was fun.