Archive - May 12, 2006

Learning idiom

Leo asked me last night, "what does 'pretty darn cute' mean?"

I tried to tell him, but then had to ask why he asked. Turns out some customers had told Dot at the till that the Brazilian out back was "pretty darn cute." Dot passed the compliment on to Leo, who really didn't know what to think of it.

A couple of nights ago, Leo came back from English class so I asked for a report. Who else is in the class? I asked. "I couple of old bags," he replied.

Busy with business

The geraniums are starting to fly out the door at the nursery. The real start of planting season usually doesn't come until Mother's Day, but a lot of people are trying to get ahold of particular items before they run out.

The nursery business is peculiar. We did 1/3 of our projected annual business from April 1 through today. If all goes well, the next 1/3 will come in the next 10 days. All but a tiny fraction of the final third will happen before July 1. Then, it is all but over for another year.