Archive - May 20, 2006


Sang this morning at the funeral for Donny, part of the Larson family with whom I have long been friends.

Donny was born with Down's Syndrome. As was traditional back in the 1940s, he was institutionalized for many years. Then he went back to live with his family. His sister Phyllis and brother Jim took him in over thirty years ago. He was an integral part of their very bustling household, which not only included a raft of kids, but on most days, every neighbor kid as well.

Getting on the blog

A woman at the nursery asked me today, "How obnoxious do I have to be to get in the weblog?" Ha!

Well, she wasn't obnoxious at all...but another woman won the award. She arrived at the till when we were very busy with a box of a few items. She said, this is two orders. Okay, which are which?

I guess I was supposed to figure out that on my own. With a sigh, she separated four items in one pile and five in another. Then she said, we have 8 plants reserved. Are they ready?

I said, of course they are ready. I will check with my mother.