Archive - May 24, 2006


Here is everybody we could gather for a picture today of the nursery crew. A finer bunch you'll never find. It was Nick's day off, Aaron works only weekends, Donna was too far away, Ken Helm was off today, and none of the five high school kids were there--but this was the most we could get in one place at one time.

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Aunt Olla responds to my account of the incident last week at the Pizza Hut in Moorhead where she was asked for identification while trying to buy beer:
When we were in the Flom Cafe, I told Sybil we should go to the Pizza Hut in Moorhead to have pizza. She agreed and added that she had heard beer was very good with pizza and would try it. "I'll try it, too," I said. I had never ordered any beer before in my life. I always had root beer with pizza.