Archive - May 2006

May 5th

Swan flight

Happened to be outside with the camera when a distant trumpeting heralded a possible arrival of the swans. Sure enough, they soon appeared over the woods.

Did some quick snapshots into the sunshine. Not ideal conditions for taking pictures, but it was fun to record a swan landing.

May 4th


A lady came racing into the nursery yesterday pushing a walker on wheels. I said, you sure don't look like you need that, and she said she has dizzy spells so she has it just in case. That would be miserable. I get dizzy when I pop out of bed too fast, but I can't imagine feeling like that at random throughout the day.

I did get a little dizzy last night thinking about all the business that we have to do in the next month. I think we have over twenty people on payroll right now, and the thought occurred to me in the middle of the night: This had better work.

May 3rd

Twins 6 Royals 1

Okay, it's just the Royals, but the Twins could have lost. Radke pitched well tonight, and the Twins acted like a good team.

The best part of the game was watching young Francisco Liriano make the Royals look absolutely foolish in relief of Radke in the eighth and ninth innings. The Twins coaches say Liriano has better stuff than Santana, and that's saying something. Santana was throwing 98 mph last night, as was Liriano tonight. But Liriano has a slider that just plain confuses batters.

Liriano is going to be a star.

May 2nd

Twins 5 Seattle 1

Notice I rarely write about the Twins when they lose. Tonight was a classic Santana win. Nine strikeouts. Seven innings. One run. Santana to Rincon to Nathan. Seems like two years ago.

This team's been asleep. Last night they were booting the ball all over the infield. This losing streak is clearly a psychological problem. In an attempt to fire up the team, Gardenhire got kicked out for kicking his hat, but that's old hat.

Tonight, they showed a little fire. If they put six wins together in a row, I'll start to believe they are snapping out of it.

Color in the greenhouse

After a winter of color deprivation, I almost forget that there is now plenty of it in the greenhouse. Above is the center of an osteospermum.

May 1st

Dreary weekend

I was fortunate enough to be too busy to take in so much as one inning of the Twins this weekend. They were pounded by the Tigers--and scored only one run all weekend. Wow. It would be pretty tough to get much lower than the Twins are right now.

But baseball has a way of averaging out. I think the Twins are much better than how they have played so far. The pitching will likely come around. The summer won't be boring.

Stupid English!

Leo is getting a bit frustrated with our language. It makes no sense and it seems to have no rules.

This morning, I said "Well, I am going up to the nursery!"

Leo and I have gone over this. Why do you say "up" to the nursery? I figure it is because the nursery is north of my house. North is up on the map, so I go "up" to the nursery.

Herald article

A week ago, the Grand Forks Herald published a nice article in their "At Home" section on the Swamp Castle. Anne Bailey wrote a good article, and Eric Hylden took his usual excellent photos. Some people have wondered how come I let a newspaper into my house to do a story, but I thought it was fun.