Archive - Jun 14, 2006

Another good New Yorker

Lance has been in New York for the past month studying art. It has taken some getting used to for him, living in Manhattan, but things seemed to be going fine--until last night. We were talking on the phone while Lance was taking a cab ride from his studio back to the living quarters. As he got out of the cab and it drove away, he realized his wallet was still on the back seat of the cab.

Santana vs. Schilling

Looked forward all day to last night's pitching match-up--only to realize I had a meeting last night of the Fertile Veteran's Memorial Committee. I watched some of the game after I got home, but shut it off and went to bed before Kubel hit his grand slam. So, I sort of whiffed. That would have been a great game to sit through from start to finish.