Archive - Jun 21, 2006


One thing which helped me appreciate the art of Picasso was to challenge myself to guess the name of the picture before I looked at the placard of to the side of the painting. A few times, I actually succeeded. So, when Lance and I came upon the Cubists at the MoMA, we decided to try the same thing. This is not a Picasso, but it is in the same spirit. It is by the artist Karl Schmidt-Rottluff and was painted in 1912. Schmidt-Rottluff has been described as an Expressionist painter, whatever that is, but this painting looks Cubist to me.


I wrote a column two weeks ago bemoaning the failure of the swan pair to reproduce. Then, this evening, I looked out from the crow's nest to see this scene:

Very exciting! There was absolutely no indication that the swans had a successful hatch until I saw this. After sampling the swamp scum near the house, the family lined up in a row and headed back towards the muskrat house. I look forward to a summer of taking pictures of the five signets!


Lance and I headed for the Museum of Modern Art in New York City on Monday. As an art student, it was de rigeur for Lance to attend. (Inserting French into one's conversation is, well, de rigeur if you want to seem intelligent, and after going to New York, I feel the need.) I had never been at the MoMA (which is what cool people call it), so I figured it would be a good experience. To save all you weblog readers the $20 per person admission fee, I took pictures which I will torture you with over the next few days.

The first painting I saw was of this horse.