Archive - Jun 22, 2006

Clemens vs. Liriano

Tonight is the much-hyped comeback of pitcher Roger Clemens. He is one of the greats of all-time, but is intolerably egotistical. I pull for him to lose every time. And I am pulling for him to lose tonight, of course, because he is facing the Twins.

So far so good. Third inning. Twins 1, Astros 0. Liriano looks great. So does Clemens, but he's not at his best. Yet. He gets stronger as the game progresses.

Reasons to dislike Roger Clemens:


Just around the corner from the blue thing below was this beauty by Edward Hopper--a favorite picture by a favorite artist. From the absurd to the sublime.

Minimally interesting

For your information, here is the explanatory blurb for the above profound work of art:
Monochrome abstraction--the use of one color over an entire canvas--has been a strategy used by many painters who wish to challenge our expectations of what an image can and should represent. This ultra-marine blue, named International Klein Blue, is inextricably linked with Yves Klein. Preoccupied with spirituality, Klein adopted this heavenly hue as a means of evoking immateriality and boundlessness.