Archive - Jun 23, 2006


Went outside in the rain to photograph the egret and a blue heron which settled in nearby. Had to walk through a lot of tall, wet grass. Got soaked. The reed canary grass was about head-high. The two birds spooked and fled. So, I took some pics of the grass.

More MoMA

While listening to an explanation of the rock on a pedestal on a tape player, this woman couldn't resist looking out the window at more interesting things--like the buildings across the street.

Great White Egret

Spotted this beauty on the swamp this evening.

Egrets walk slowly, poised to attack minnows, frogs, or other life in the shallows of swamps and ponds.

Above, after the sun went behind a thundercloud, giving the whole swamp an eerie cast, the egret posed like some sort of swamp thing.


Weblog readers Irv and Margaret rightly pointed out that baby swans are "cygnets," not "signets." Either way, they are fun to watch. Here is a grainy photo taken with the telephoto from the crow's nest at dusk.