Archive - Jun 3, 2006

Santana soars

What a wonderful ballgame last night. Thanks to the late start on the West Coast, I was able to watch almost every pitch. Santana was on. With the exception of one hanging fastball to Frank Thomas, which was launched out of the park, he was perfect, retiring the last 19 batters he faced without allowing a runner. Santana now leads the major leagues in strikeouts--and he really hasn't warmed up yet. No matter how the Twins fare, and it doesn't look like they'll be competing for a title, watching Santana and Liriano will be a twice-per-week treat.

More neotony

These grotesquely inflated bluebirds--which look like they pigged out on the rice from a wedding recessional--are also big sellers. If you want to sell fake animals, it's best to fatten 'em up good.


One of the great pleasures of a Minnesota summer is seeing the massive thunderclouds pass to the east at sunset.

Marketing neotony

Somewhere, sometime I read about a study about neotony, which could be described as cuteness. It is the collection of characteristics in infant humans and animals which triggers the nurturing impulse. Features such as oversized eyes and fat cheeks seem to make us want to care for the person or animal with oversized eyes and fat cheeks.