Archive - Jun 2006

June 19th


Lance and I took the train from New Jersey into Manhattan today. That meant we were with the commuters on packed train. We stood for over an hour. Then, we took the subway from Penn Station up to 110th Street to see the largest cathedral in the world, St. John the Divine.

June 18th

Jersey shore

With the temperatures reaching the mid-nineties in central New Jersey, we headed out to the shore like the people of New York and New Jersey have for a couple of hundred years.

June 15th

Creativity in New York

This week, Lance was required to put some of his photography on exhibit in a gallery in New York City. Never satisfied to keep it simple, Lance concocted a display which included a reflecting pool he constructed in the gallery.

Well, just as the people started drifting in to view the art work, Lance's reflecting pool sprung a leek. The janitor brought him a mop and a bucket, and Lance thought the whole thing ended in disaster.

June 14th

Old time Ladies Aid

Played, sang and spoke to an old time Ladies Aid gathering at Little Fork Lutheran Church about 10 miles west of Mayville, ND, out on the gravel roads. I was lucky to find the place. And when I finally got there, although I was still fifteen minutes early, everybody was already in their pew.

Another good New Yorker

Lance has been in New York for the past month studying art. It has taken some getting used to for him, living in Manhattan, but things seemed to be going fine--until last night. We were talking on the phone while Lance was taking a cab ride from his studio back to the living quarters. As he got out of the cab and it drove away, he realized his wallet was still on the back seat of the cab.

Santana vs. Schilling

Looked forward all day to last night's pitching match-up--only to realize I had a meeting last night of the Fertile Veteran's Memorial Committee. I watched some of the game after I got home, but shut it off and went to bed before Kubel hit his grand slam. So, I sort of whiffed. That would have been a great game to sit through from start to finish.

June 13th

Kids and Lutheran women

Yesterday, I spoke to 40-some kids at the McIntosh Library as a part of their summer reading program. They ranged in age from a few months to eleven years old. It was a little tough figuring out what to say, so I played piano. The time went fast.

Last night, I was scheduled to entertain 450 Missouri Synod women at the Alerus Center in Grand Forks. I got their early enough to have some food and check out the sound system, which was excellent.

June 11th

Busy Sunday

Although we were technically closed at the nursery today, the yard was full of cars and I wasn't about to turn away business. What a beautiful, perfect day.

Tucson birds

Weblog reader Elmer took this great shot of mourning doves outside the window of his apartment in Tucson.

Fire sale

As the Twins continue to flounder, speculation grows that they are going to start dumping their expensive players in exchange for young minor leaguers.

The sooner the better. The Twins put more money into scouting the minor leaguers of other teams than any other organization, and when they make a trade, it might look funny at the time, but in two years they usually look like the winners.