Archive - Jul 10, 2006


Shooting herons

The blue heron was on the pond tonight in front of the house. Unfortunately, I blew it twice--once I didn't have my camera in the house. After I ran out and got it, the heron had moved farther away--but I got a shot of him ingesting a big, flopping salamander. Great shot. No chip in camera.

So, after I put in the chip I got a few shots of the blue and below, a couple of shots of the strange, elusive green heron.

Stone peddler

A sort of offbeat peddler stopped by this morning at opening with an old van. He was wanting to sell some stuff out of his old van--burnt wood tabletops. I wasn't too impressed with the wood burning, but this rock really caught my eye. He said it was for sale, so I bought it. It is fieldstone carved by a friend of his whose name is...Stone. I decided to make the purchase despite the murky provenance of the piece.

Summer turns color

It is partly due to the dry weather and partly due to things maturing, but the last week has seen a change from an all-green landscape to one with a more golden hue.

The dust hangs over the gravel roads for a long time on a dry day like today.

With acres of cultivated flowers to photograph, my eye drifted off in the woods to this naturally occurring morning glory.