Archive - Jul 3, 2006

Gardens perk up

With the heat, the gardens are starting to show some color. The hosta, above, have been looking good for over a month. They are still my favorite.

The yellow groundcover is moneywort, the blue is ageratum. The big round thing is a rock.

Liriano, Twins roll

Liriano had his best game yet, beating the Brewers 8-0. Twelve strikeouts and eight innings of shutout baseball. I was infuriated that Gardenhire pulled the rookie after eight innings--there was no indication he was tiring--but Gardenhire said 1) he wants to protect Liriano's young arm (apparently young pitchers blow a gasket if they throw more than 100 pitches) and 2) he wanted to give Kyle Lohse some work. Well, it is best to have an eight run lead before giving Lohse the ball, so I guess I understand.