Archive - Jul 7, 2006


A few months ago, I read that one of my favorite columnists, Art Buchwald, had entered hospice and was refusing dialysis. He was expected to live only days. The article was entitled "Buchwald enters final chapter," or something similar.

However, I never heard that he actually died. Tonight, I typed his name into Google to find out what happened to him and found this article written today.

Old Letters

My sister Tracie came home for a couple of days. Her mission was to sort through some of her belongings. She is a reforming pack rat. Must be something that happens when you get near forty.

So, she plopped on my desk an entire folder of letters I had written to her when we both were in college. I was here in Minnesota at the time, she was in Oregon. No internet at the time, and phone calls were still expensive--so we actually wrote letters. I typed mine. No margins. Wall to wall print.