Archive - Jul 8, 2006


Last night, I sat at the log cabin, the nursery's booth at the fair, from five until about ten. It was steamy hot in there.

The fair turns me into a recluse. I would rather stay home. I sometimes wonder why. I think I have figured it out. You run into people you haven't seen for years and years--and that isn't always pleasant.

For instance, a conversation last night, with somebody I knew from high school: After all the greetings were over with, the inevitable, "so, what are you doing now?"

Screw up

Got a nasty call this morning by somebody infuriated at my column on the lake. That was somewhat confusing, since I wrote the column two years ago. Like any satire, it stirred up reactions both good and bad, and I was sort of glad that the whole thing had settled down.

So, I wondered, why did the Grand Forks paper reprint it this morning? Didn't they like the column I sent them? Why did they pick the lake one out of all of the old columns? Just to make my day?