Archive - Aug 26, 2006

Rejection is painful

A week or so ago, a woman called inviting me to get a Discover business card. She claimed that I would get 2% back on all gas purchases, so I listened instead of hanging up on her as I usually would. I decided to let her sign me up.

So, she asked a bunch of questions, including, "When was your business established?"

I said, "1937," and she said, "Whoa, congratulations!" I guess she doesn't deal with many businesses that have been around that long.

Gardens in evening

When I checked Channel 641 only to find that the Twins game was at 7:30 instead of 7:00 p.m., I decided to head up to the gardens for a few photos. Above are the lewd amaranthus, lording over all else, including the white nicotiana, or tobacco plant.

Superb game

Heaven for a Twins fan: The Twins rally from a 3-0 deficit to win 5-4 in the ninth in front of a screaming crowd in Chicago. Solid defense. Great relief pitching. Drama to the end.

Radke had to leave after only two innings because his arm was falling off, so the bullpen had to do its thing. Neshek gave up a home run to former Twin Pierzynski, but otherwise the bullpen was perfect.