Archive - Aug 8, 2006

Monitor article

If you think you've had a bad day, read this.

Textbook ripoff

Today, I drove to Crookston to pick up the textbook for the history class I will be teaching this fall. It is the same text as I used two years ago, but of course they put out a new edition--the eighth--which forces students to purchase a new book for $59 (paperback) rather than using an old one that their friends might have passed down to them.

Big win for the Twins

The Twins beat the mighty Detroit Tigers tonight 4-2. Coming on the same day that Francisco Liriano was put on the disabled list, the victory showed that the Twins are not going to give up just because they lost their best pitcher. Any team which has Santana and a revived Radke is going to continue to be a threat.