Archive - Aug 2006

August 18th

Win some, lose some

When the mail came today, I got a letter forwarded from the Grand Forks Herald asking its editors how long they were planning to carry the "childish rantings" of "that Eric Bergeson." The letter was in reference to a recent column I wrote about going to a Twins game in which I wrote disparaging remarks about Boof Bonser (who did fine tonight, by the way).

"Haven't you ever had tough times, Eric Bergeson? Think long and hard about that! Some people aren't always perfect like you!"

The letter was anonymous, signed only, "A GF Herald reader of 45 years."

Clouds and rain

We haven't had many overcast, rainy days this summer. In fact, this probably is the first one. Such days provide a nice respite from the heat. In addition, they create a welcome change in mood--welcome, at least, as long as it doesn't last for a week.

August 16th


It was a beautiful day, and many visitors came to the gardens. I was on retail patrol today since nobody else was around.

The first group was eight eighth graders from Ada. Every fall, a teacher in Ada requires that the eighth graders collect and identify a certain number of tree and shrub leaves. Every fall, parents bring their eighth graders over to have us help them collect and identify leaves.

August 15th

Twins 4 Indians 1

Santana was on tonight. The only disappointment was that Gardenhire didn't let him finish the game. After Santana came off the mound in the eighth with a 1-0 lead, Gardenhire told him he was done.

The Twins got three more runs in the bottom of the eighth, and so when closer Joe Nathan came in, he had four runs to work with instead of one. Oddly, Nathan does worse with a big lead. He gave up a run, but the game was never in question.

August 14th

Green, green grass of home

Wow, it did not take the lawn long to green up after the rain this past week. One week ago, my lawn was completely parched. I couldn't detect any green. Now, it is a rich green again and will need mowing soon.

The two inches of total rainfall in the past week resulted in a few pools of water reappearing in the swamp in front of the house. The wetland still looks pretty grim, but any water is nice after looking at cracked earth.

August 12th

Open House

Today was the open house at the gardens. I am exhausted. Nice to meet some of you weblog readers!

Aunt Olla spent several hours out at the nursery on leave from the Fertile Hilton. She has no trouble finding people with whom to chat. Below, she talks with nursery employee Lyla.

Lyla catches me taking photos, and expresses her chagrin.

Pope Art

Last night, I performed at this art gallery in Terrace, MN, about thirty miles south of Alexandria in a beautiful lake region of Pope County.

The inside features a grand piano on the former altar. About twenty-five people attended, a typical group. They were a very interesting, literate bunch. We had no trouble finding common ground, both with music and monologue.

August 10th

Family night

Here's Aunt Olla dancing with Fertile Hilton staff member Darlene this evening. Joe and I provided music during the family night picnic at the Hilton. Olla doesn't look here as if she'll turn 95 next month, but that's what the calendar says. Photo by Lance.

August 9th


As I write, a big cloudburst is going on outside. Faint rumblings of thunder. The radar indicates that it might last for more than a few minutes. This might be the most rain we've had in quite some time. It is too late for some of the crops, but it is good news nonetheless.

The satellite dish lost its signal when it started thundering. The Twins were in a tight battle with Detroit which they just won 4-3 in very dramatic fashion, I found out by watching on the web.

August 8th

Monitor article

If you think you've had a bad day, read this.