Archive - Sep 26, 2006


It is time to get some color on this weblog. Above are some Red Wing raspberries. Although we have had light frosts, the fall-bearing raspberries are still in good shape. Nothing better than a cold, fresh raspberry.

Here is a yellow echinacea, its petals blowing in the breeze earlier today.

Twins in the playoffs

The Twins celebrated last night. They have made the playoffs. Now, they should put the pedal to the medal and overtake the Tigers to win the division.

One national writer is saying the Twins should ease up and try notto win the division. The reason? They would be better off facing the Yankees in a short series of five games in the first round than facing them in a longer series of seven games in the second round. If they win the division, they won't see the Yanks until the second round, assuming they win the first.


I take back all the bad things I have said about Boof Bonser. He has been doing the job in good fashion. Tonight he has pitched very well, well enough to make one overlook his mid-eighties blow-dried hair-do.

And now, this blog's other punching bag, Torii Hunter, has hit another home run. He has come on like gangbusters this fall. After going almost a-year-and-a-half without a hot streak, Hunter is back in the saddle, carrying the team on his back. I think that's a mixed metaphor, sitting in the saddle with people on your back, but so be it.