Archive - Sep 27, 2006

Fall picture

Here is why I love fall.


Once again, I have to link to Twins pitcher Pat Neshek's site. So, the Twins have clinched and he played a big role and there are playoffs ahead--but what does he talk about? He got an autographed Aerosmith card on the trip to Baltimore! This guy's a wonderful flake. What I like most about him is that although he is now rich and famous, his sympathies are still with those poor people seeking autographs, people doing what he did a few years ago--and still does, for that matter.


It is now clear that the "compromise" on torture going through Congress will allow the President to use torture on United States citizens, or people from anywhere in the world, at his discretion. He is also allowed to detain them without trial indefinitely if he deems them dangerous.

Sounds more like a capitulation than a compromise.