Archive - Sep 2006

September 10th

Santana does it again

Whoa, what a fun game today. Santana was on, as ever. He just doesn't lose. He was furious with the home plate umpire for his restricted strike zone and took it out on the batters. When he became obviously miffed, he suddenly struck out six consecutive batters.

Now, the Twins find themselves only two games out of first place, the closest they have been since mid-April. Liriano comes back next week. Mauer's bat is waking up. Bonser is coming around. Things are looking pretty good.

September 9th

To the border and back

Today, I was due to speak in Williams, up near Lake of the Woods. It took three hours to get there, and I waltzed into the church where I was to speak on fruits just a couple of minutes before I was due to talk. I explained that I might be a little lispy since my tongue is still feeling the effects of yesterday's wasp sting.

September 8th

Wasp got your tongue?

Got mine.

I was sipping coffee outside the gas station this afternoon in Fertile when, apparently, a wasp crawled into my coffee between sips. When I put the cup up to my mouth for the next sip, I got a wasp in my mouth. To defend itself, it stunk the side of my tongue.

September 6th

History lesson

Arrived at the campus today to find that there was a traveling history exhibit parked outside the Student Center on the little-known internment of German-Americans in camps during World War II. I found out about the exhibit too late to bring my first class, but the second class spent 20 minutes there before the exhibit bus had to travel on to Warren.

September 5th


One of the activities for the family reunion this weekend was to attend the Steam Thresher's Reunion at Rollag, fifty miles south of here. Rollag, for those of you unfamiliar, features upwards of one billion dollars worth of antique machinery, most of it in working condition. Here is a typical scene.

September 4th

Family reunion

Apologies to you regular readers, but I have been so busy with the Bergeson family reunion, much of which was held at my house, that I have had no time to write.

Aunt Olla was the unofficial matriarch of the proceedings. Of course, it wasn't five minutes after she arrived before she was into the beer.

August 31st

Twins finally beat Royals

Uff da. After losing to the suddenly unhapless Royals two straight nights, Santana finally shut them down today. The Royals can be tough. The Twins got lucky in Kansas City a few weeks ago when they swept four straight; this week was a Royal revenge.