Archive - 2006

December 28th


I am in China. However, due to a cable which was cut by an earthquake in Taiwan two days ago, internet service to the USA was cut off and is only slowly being restored. Service is very, very slow. So, I will be unable to post for probably a day or two. I am taking many pictures and having a wonderful time.

December 25th

On the road

Brother Joe took Lance and I down to the Cities today--after we all partook in a wonderful Christmas Day meal at Aunt Ede's.

We got to our hotel by the airport and checked in. The first room was freezing. The window was open, and wouldn't shut. I went back to the front desk and was given key cards to a second room.

We got into the second room and it wasn't cleaned yet. So we got a third room, and it was cold, but the window shut and the heater worked. So, victory!

December 24th

Current affairs

Here is a long, wonkish analysis of the Iraq mess by somebody who believes that the project could have worked but has become a disaster. It is worth reading if for no other reason than it highlights the sheer difficulty of building a civil society in the wake of a fallen tyrant.

December 23rd

Getting ready for China

Christmas takes a back seat in my mind to the trip to China. Lance and I are leaving the day after Christmas. Brother Joe will take us to Minneapolis. From there we fly to Chicago, and then non-stop to Shanghai.

People often ask those who are traveling: Have you packed yet? I have never understood this question. Why pack until the morning you leave? I know what I need, and I use all of it until the last minute, so it would be silly to pack ahead of time.

December 21st

Christmas shopping

Went down to Fargo to see what I could see. The hoards had descended upon West Acres, and there I was, lost amongst them. For some reason, the experience felt like some disaster out of the Old Testament, thus the King James language.

As I walked down the mall, I heard live guitar music. I was shocked to see my friend from high school, Darren Skanson with his cellist Kevin playing his music and selling CDs. Darren centers his growing music empire out of Denver, so seeing him in Fargo was novel.

December 20th

Fresh eggs

Friend Sheila from Ada brought over a care package today which included these beautiful fresh eggs from her chickens. She also brought some chicken soup, which I am using as sustenance since this darn flu thing isn't going away very fast.

Thanks, Sheila!

Earlier in the day, I went to town for some lunch thinking it would be good to get out of the house, but after eating lunch I realized that I was not prepared for solid food and I got woozy. So home I went.

Dreaming of a Brown Christmas

What snow we have is melting fast. I don't mind one bit. I have always thought a white Christmas was overrated. We'll get snow soon enough. And it will stay through March.

I think it was in the early 1960s that Grandpa remembered doing a landscape job on Christmas Eve. The ground hadn't frozen yet.

We'll enjoy the mild weather while it lasts. It really takes the edge off when you don't have to bundle up so much to go outside.

December 19th

Olla gets the flu

Feeling sorry for myself for having the flu, I decided to call into the Fertile Hilton to see if Olla had gotten the bug, too. "Oh yes!" she said cheerfully, "and I've never enjoyed something so much in my life!"

Figures. Ninety-five years old and she's still enjoying even the flu. Olla only threw up once, and for crying out loud, she hasn't gotten caught up on her sleep for years she's been so busy, so the timing was just perfect. Now she's caught up. It was nice to have an excuse just to lay in bed.


It is going around. What made me think I could avoid it?

December 18th

Pins for Obama's balloon

Political columnist Clarence Page pens a column which promises to find something not to like about Obama, but fails to deliver anything damaging.

Michael Barone, columnist for U.S. News and World Report strikes at a more relevant issue: Obama lacks experience as an executive.