Archive - 2006

September 22nd

Aunt Olla's 95th

Unlike Aunt Olla's 90th birthday, which I tried to plan and after which attempt she said I was her "worst enemy," (apparently having coffee and cake in the common room of the apartment building where she lived wasn't her idea of a good time) she has taken complete charge of her 95th birthday.

September 21st

Honorary Red Hat

I was honored to be asked to join the group Red Hat photo of the Red Hats who visited the gardens this morning. They had called ahead wondering if they could hear a little music, so I played a few songs. This group is from the McIntosh-Erskine area.

September 20th


Looks like the Twins are going to make the playoffs. If they do, a lot of credit will have to go to the starting pitchers who took over for LIriano and Radke when they went down. Boof Bonser is the best of the lot, but Carlos Silva has come back from a horrible early season to turn in four solid outings in a row, Matt Garza has looked good, and even Scott Baker turned in a good game.

Sunshine's back

What a beautiful day. Some places in the area had frost last night. Some places in the nursery yard froze as well, but the flowers were fine this morning.

At this writing, the Twins are attempting to overcome a 2-1 deficit against the Red Sox in Boston. It would be nice if they could, since the Tigers are beating the White Sox.

In the middle of writing that sentence, Torii Hunter hit a three-run home run. Twins lead 4-2. Wow. They are on a roll.

September 19th

Sun breaks through

At the end of an overcast day, it was fun to look out the front windows and see the sun catch the yellowing leaves of the green ash across the swamp. I ran for the camera, snapped a few shots, and within three minutes, the sun was gone.

September 18th

Necessary gloom

The weather is cold and wet, but I think the consensus is that we need a wet fall to replenish the subsoil moisture. Despite a dry, dry summer, the crops weren't all that bad. That was due to subsoil moisture remaining from the past very wet years. However, if we had two years running of such little rainfall, things wouldn't be nearly as good.

September 17th

Twins roll

They have won eight out of ten. The two losses were one-run heartbreakers. They are one game out of first with thirteen games to go. I could never have imagined such a finish in June when they were fading fast.

Today, I put their chances at victory at less than 25% with Scott Baker on the mound for the Twins and wily veteran Paul Byrd pitching for Cleveland. I didn't anticipate that Cleveland's defense would fall apart. Their team has lost interest.


I wrote a column on torture tonight. I feel very strongly about the issue. Posted below is a letter from Gen. Jack Vessey. To me the quote from Gen. Marshall's book in Gen. Vessey's letter highlights the attitude which we should maintain. It is the traditional American position. And we have blown things badly by abandoning it.

September 14th


Some liberal terrorist-coddler is opposing President Bush's attempts to legalize torture and circumvent the Geneva Conventions. I am with him.

September 13th

Liriano goes down

Sad day in Twinsville. After much anticipation of Francisco Liriano's return from his sore arm, he pitched two innings, retired all the batters he faced, and then grimaced in pain after a pitch to ex-Twin Bobby Kielty. His arm popped. He is done for the season, and until they figure out what is wrong, who knows when or if he'll be back.