Archive - 2006

December 16th

Employee party

Last night, we held the nursery employee Christmas party at a restaurant in Bagley. It was fun to get together with everybody.

The servers were overwhelmed, however, so things came slowly. We had more time to visit and talk than we had ever imagined!

Earlier in the day, I gave the last test to my classes, and we said our goodbyes. That was sad. Some lingered to talk. I'll really miss this batch of students. We got along pretty well.

December 15th

Keillor on Christmas letters

Garrison Keillor give his commentary on the annual screeds.

December 14th

Review, clarified

Weblog reader Irene protests that I should have spent more time on the topic rather than fooling around during the review session. I should have explained. We didn't just fool around. I answered many questions about the topics on the exam. But I refuse to just start rehashing the material without direction from the students. It is up to them to ask me questions about the material I put on the review sheet. If they have no questions, then I head off on a tangent just so they know that they're going to have to take the initiative if they want me to help.


A roll of microfilm of the Halstad newspaper came into the Ada Library today, so I ran right over to start reeling through it.

I am like a pig in mud in old newspapers, so it is difficult to keep my nose on the grindstone and stick to the topic. The Halstad paper at the time was a little sparse, but it does give a good record of the sports events, at least.

Above the gossip column was a box which said, "The best compliment you can give to your guests is to announce their visit in the newspaper!"


Ghost tree

There's been a lot of this sort of thing outside the past few days.

December 13th

Review day

Today in class we just reviewed the material. The running joke is, if the students don't ask questions about the material on the exam, I am free to talk about anything I wish, and I did. World War II, Vietnam War, Teddy Roosevelt, all things irrelevant to the exam.

One of the students offered a story. He went to kindergarten having just turned five. The first day, he was on the merry-go-round and found he had to pee. So, he just went to the edge and peed off into space as the merry-go-round turned. That seemed best to him!

Lake Park Lutheran

Tonight I entertained at the Lake Park Lutheran Christmas party, held in the sanctuary. There was a nice turnout. I know most of the people since my Uncle Bob was pastor there for seventeen years.

I did a whole program--mostly speaking and playing some music which seemed appropriate--Chopin, Greensleeves, Joy to the World, some Joplin. Then, I said, let's finish with Silent Night.

December 12th

So that's the problem!

I pass along this frightening article for the general edification.


Barack Obama's World AIDS day speech at Rick Warren's church in California is worth a read. It oozes compassion, intelligence, thoughtfulness and conviction.

December 11th

Winding down

Gave the last lecture in history class for the semester today. The students are tired, and many of them are sick. They look bedraggled. I feel a little the same.

Sort of sad to see the end of the semester. One student summed it up today: "This sucks." I asked another how he was doing. "Sad," he said. Why? I asked. "Last class." So, it wasn't torture for them all, at least.