Archive - 2006

December 7th


Ten below this morning and clear. Quite beautiful outside if you stay inside. A little frost on the trees, good snow cover. Winter has set in.

The stove is gobbling up cobs of wood. The woodpile which I thought looked so plentiful might not make it through the winter. Not the worst thing--the challenge of getting firewood mid-winter gets one outside. If the wood lasts until February, I should be able to get more firewood without the risk of getting the loader stuck.

December 6th


The picture posted below is a small fraction of the immense gardens at the Palace of Versailles. I couldn't believe when I looked over it on Google Earth. The only way to get a true view of the geometric patterns--which stretch over many miles--would be from the air, and Louis XIV wasn't able to fly.

Now, we are able to fly without getting in a plane. The images on Google Earth are sharp enough to pick out people. They are the black dots on the sidewalks in the picture. I also picked out a rowboat one one of the ponds.

December 5th


Drove to Thief River Falls today to speak to a high school class. On the way, I stopped in at the Fertile Hilton to chat briefly with Aunt Olla.

Of course some gremlin went and printed out my entry about Olla avoiding Bible study and gave her a copy. Olla takes it all in good humor, but I guess I have to realize this weblog is a public forum and I had better not go into detail about her beer drinking and other problems even if I am merely expressing concern and requesting prayer.

Guess work

Was cruising the world tonight on Google Earth. Found this scene. See if you can guess where it is. Answer tomorrow.

December 4th

Sunset, full moon

The clear, cold weather tonight got me out of doors to take some photos in the few minutes just before the sun sank in the west.

December 2nd

Old pictures

Not much to do today, so I sat down and sorted through the pictures I have been posting over the past three years.

When you post pictures on the web, people from around the world are free to find them and use them. The most popular one for public consumption, according to my web-tracking program, has been this shot of the Golden Gate Bridge. One girl from California wrote and asked if she could use it in a report for school. Most people just put it on their website without asking, which is fine.


Blue Jays

The blue jay above feasted at the feeder, until he was rudely shunned away by the blue jay below, who had noticably brighter plumage.

What to do?

That is the question we face in Iraq. I am glad I am not in a position to decide.

My first impulse would be: Let's pour in troops, settle things down, get rid of the bad guys and try to get the country back on its feet.

That is simply not possible without reinstituting the draft, a political impossibility right now. We only have about 20,000 troops to send in. In a country of 26 million, I somehow doubt that will tilt the scales.


Woke up to this today. A lot of snow fell last evening. It is puffy and powdery. If the wind comes up, it will blow around.

Last night, I attended a dinner for the board of the Northwest Minnesota Foundation in Bagley. The roads over weren't bad, but on the way home, it was downright nasty.