Archive - 2006

March 5th

Passage to India

Yesterday, after my stomach apparently quit its week-long sour binge, I decided to test matters out right away by going to the Passage to India buffet in Fargo before my speaking engagement at the Hjemkomst Center.

Picture problems

Due to a bug in Apple's iPhoto, which I found out on the web is common--and for which there is no known cure--I have been not taking pictures for a while. Now, I am learning a new program which promises to help: Photoshop Elements. However, it is more complicated, and I am going to have to take some time to get the hang of it. Here is my first attempt.

March 3rd

Home remedies

Aunt Olla has dozens, but she despairs. When I told her I have had a sour stomach for a few days, she suggested a teaspoon of vinegar, but added, "I don't suppose you'll listen to me, either."

March 2nd


I get a kick out of baseball blogger Aaron Gleeman's entry today. He is running down the players he considers to be the top 40 Twins of all time. He is giving a run down of each of the players careers.

Today, he hit upon relief pitcher Al Worthington, who was a little before my time, but whom I heard about from my grandfather, who regarded him as a fine upstanding man.

Good weather to be under

The weather today is beautiful, but I am under it. A little flu bug or something, just on the verge of not being sick--but not feeling all that well either.

So, do I just go with being sick and lay in bed all day and feel like a vegetable? Or do I kick myself in the butt and get something done anyway and maybe pop out of it sooner?

The word "disease" applies here, as in lack of ease.

March is a time for disease, no matter what. It always has been. People can make it through the winter fine, but the funeral home always does brisk business in March.

March 1st

Something doesn't add up

Northwest Airlines pilots voted to authorize a strike if the bankrupt company tries to cut their wages beyond a certain point. However, by all accounts, the pilots are still pretty well compensated for their work, which amounts to about 10 days per month.

February 28th


I think I am still recovering from the weekend manning the booth at the Fargodome and giving two seminars. My throat is a little raw from all the talking. And I think when you're exposed to all those people, you're bound to pick up some sort of bug this time of year. I just feel a little off. I am glad I have the baseball writers to aim my vitrol at, otherwise somebody closer might get it for no reason.

The healing continues

Here's more Twins psychobabble from the St. Paul Pioneer Press about Torii Hunter and Justin Morneau. Apparently they shared a "poignant moment" together last Sunday. It really warms your heart. Once you're done puking.

February 27th

More baseball psychobabble

Just when I thought the unholy marriage between Freudian psychology and Twins baseball couldn't get any worse, I run across this piece of journalistic trash. Isn't bonding something that happens between a child and a mother?

Random observations

SAW a new one yesterday in Fargo: I was following a car which had the window open. A cigarette ash flew out. The car turned left ahead of me, and I saw that the driver was not only smoking a cigarette, but talking on a cell phone. I have yet to figure out how that is done.

ON THE PSYCHOBABBLE theme: At the Cenex in Hillsboro yesterday, I was waiting to be helped--which meant waiting for the conclusion a deep conversation between two seventeen-year-old clerks, the one of whom, a boy, was saying something like, "When I work on developing a relationship..."