Archive - 2006

February 3rd

A road to energy independence

Here is a long, but interesting article on the prospects for alternative fuels. Note that Brazil has, through creative legislation, all but eliminated its dependence upon foreign oil.

February 2nd


Ah, the day to take the shoebox into the accountant. Actually, it was a folder of stuff assembled by my mother and bookkeeper Cindy which, ritual dictates, I look at a few hours before going to the accountant and see if I understand. I nod and say I get it, but if there were a test, I'd flunk.

So I go into the accountant's office and then he starts peppering me with questions about which I know little or nothing. "I'll get back to you on that," is my standard reply.

Next year, I am bringing along the people in the know and withdraw from one more business detail.

February 1st


Aunt Olla wanted to come out to my house to go through some of her things, so I picked her up at the Fertile Hilton after lunch. We took the back roads out to the nursery just to see some new scenery, since we don't get to take trips to Frenchman's Bluff southeast of Twin Valley any more.

January 31st

What's wrong with this picture?

I just checked on Google News. On their front page were the following links to major news items:

In The News:
Coretta Scott King
State of the Union
Bob Woodruff
Jill Carroll
Wendy Wasserstein
Martin Luther King
Samuel Alito
Alan Greenspan
Mayville State
Exxon Mobil

I did a double take near the end. Since when does Mayville State make national news? Did the campus burn?


This year is the 250th birthday of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The year will be filled with Mozart concerts, tributes, radio shows, and so on. Most music writers are weighing in with tributes, but one critic will have no part of the love-fest. Although I am not so sour on Mozart, I do enjoy this line:

Of voles and moles

Weblog reader Jerrianne from Alaska writes that the little brown furball shown below is actually a redback vole, while the pink snouted thing is probably a mole. Research on the web confirms that she is correct. Type in "redback vole" on google images and all kinds of those little furballs show up. And the only thing with a pink snout is a mole.

January 30th


I love trains, but even more, I love train whistles. They are an echo from the past. I am against city ordinances, such as the one recently proposed in Fargo, that would ban trains from sounding their whistles in town.

When I was in the dorm at UND, I could hear the trains banging together and apart in the train yard just across campus. I also could hear the whistles, but I was convinced at the time and still am that the whistles sound different, and better, in Fargo.


After a particularly busy day at the bird feeder, things got quiet mid-afternoon. The dozens of finches and redpoles, the two nuthatches, the blue jay, the handful of chickadees and the woodpeckers all left. I stood by the window waiting for their return when I noticed (and heard through the microphone) this little fur ball.

January 29th


I took this picture when my speedometer was on 57 mph, and this kid was passing me. I suppose taking pictures while driving is as bad as using a cell phone.

January 28th


Happy 65th birthday today to Uncle Rolly, pictured here with Aunt Jean. Rolly is retired from the rat race of corporate America but has now started a timber business in southern Indiana which keeps him busy doing just what he likes, working with wood in all its stages.