Archive - Jan 1, 2007

Two scenes from Suzhou

This is the scene on one of Suzhou's main drags at eight o'clock on a Sunday morning. Meanwhile, in the quieter back alleys, one can find older people sitting outside their homes with a cup of tea.


Suzhou is a city of canals. The oldest surviving city map in the world is a paper map of Suzhou from over 900 years ago. The downtown of Suzhou is still on the same plan.

However, Suzhou has developed on either side of the old town to the point that one-quarter of the world's laptops are built in the city. The picture of the beggar boy below was taken on a street lined with luxury cars and restaurants.

Tai chi

As day breaks on a cloudy morning in Suzhou, retirees gather in the park for their early morning exercise session. The picture was taken through the hotel window.