Archive - Jan 11, 2007

Weeping Willow

Weeping willow line the expressway going back into Beijing from the Great Wall. The extend of tree plantings in China is staggering. I had Michael, our friend, guide and interpreter, tell the driver of our car that if people planted that many trees in Minnesota, I'd be rich.

Suzhou's Lingering Garden

Although the city of Suzhou is a center of high tech, the old town, which has been preserved, is famous for its many gardens.

The Chinese classical gardens were created by scholar/administrators as a way of escaping the city. They were meant to emulate the countryside. The rectalinear lines of the city were to be broken up by the unusual rocks of the Suzhou region, which were placed to represent mountains.

Shanghai, Old vs. New

In the sparkling Pudong district of Shanghai, there is some old left to contrast with the new.

In Pudong is a mall built along the lines of the Mall of America. It sparkles in stark contrast to the nearby scenes from the old town, seen below.