Archive - Jan 27, 2007

Airing out the chamber pot...

...and the underwear, too, for that matter. This is in a residential area of Suzhou. Even the chamber pots are painted the distinctive Suzhou deep brandy color.

Early lawn ornament

This duck at the Shanghai museum dates to 200 A.D.

The above dish is about the size of a cereal dish. It is from 600 A.D. Different colors of clay were deliberately intermingled to create the illusion that the dish was made of wood.

True enough

This sign appeared in one of the gardens in Suzhou.

Hangzhou street kiosk

Photo gallery

Stumbled upon the online gallery of Chuck Kimmerle yesterday. Kimmerle is the University of North Dakota's official photographer. His gallery demonstrates that he has a real gift for photographing the prairie and its features.