Archive - Jan 29, 2007

Falun Gong

The above picture, taken by Lance on Tiananmen Square, is more interesting than it looks at first blush.

I am talking about the fire extinguisher at the soldier's feet.

Of course, we couldn't ask the soldier what it was for, but we could speculate.


Attorney General and apologist for torture (as well as the suspension of habeus corpus) Alberto Gonzalez is causing frowns, even amongst solid Republicans. John Dean, Nixon's boy wonder lawyer, later a witness in the Watergate probe and now rehabilitated as a commentator, finds Gonzalez' exchanges with Republican Senator Arlen Specter to be a bit much. I watched some of the exchange, and Dean's account is about right.

Suzhou, cont.

Another of the windows at the famous Master-of-Nets garden in Suzhou. The spare geometric patterns are, to the Western eye, so strikingly modern, yet they were designed hundreds of years ago. Also, here is a famous pagoda. The roof edges are turned up to demonstrate that the roof is meant to be decorative, not practical.