Archive - Jan 30, 2007

Suzhou bridge

Suzhou is a city of canals and bridges. When Marco Polo came through, he estimated there were 1,600. That was probably an exaggeration.

So, when we walked through this park, lined with mature cedar, and found this bridge, it might have seemed right to assume it is a surviving relic of the past.

Nope. Three years ago, a shoddy apartment building stood on this spot. There were no cedar, and there was no bridge.

Mysterious Light

Here is the Mysterious Light Pagoda in Suzhou, China. It is 1,000 years old. That is to say, something has been on that site for 1,000 years. Because it is made of wood, one suspects it has been rebuilt several times.

The name of the pagoda is the result of the sometimes subtle Chinese aesthetic: Indeed, as the sun set in the Suzhou haze, the quality of the light was that of a late summer evening after a thunderstorm has passed. Golden, rich, surreal.


If you like early color photographs of rural America, this site might keep you busy for a while. This is a great sample.