Archive - Jan 6, 2007

Horse horse, tiger tiger

In a discussion about phrases this morning, Michael told us that a Chinese term for "so so" is "horse horse, tiger tiger." In other words, if you ask somebody how their day is going, instead of responding "Oh, just so so," (which makes no sense taken literally), in Chinese you respond "horse horse, tiger tiger" (which also makes no sense).

Laughing Buddha

This statue of Buddha is over 1,000 years old, carved during a time when Buddhist equanimity was seen as approaching all of life's problems as if one were fat and happy.

Winding down in China

Tomorrow, we fly out of Shanghai to San Francisco, Denver, then Minneapolis. The reports of this trip on the weblog have been sporadic due to the cable outage in the Pacific. Perhaps that was fortunate. I spent more time enjoying the trip and wasn't so preoccupied with reporting daily.