Archive - Oct 2007

Happy Halloween!

This customed pup greeted customers at the First State Bank of Fertile today. The dog's name is Shadow.

October 30th


So, was today the last time we will see 65 degrees until April? The thought sends shivers. What a perfectly beautiful day. I enjoyed every bit of it.

This evening, I spoke to the Marshall County Soil and Water Conservation District Awards Banquet. That's an easy assignment. They are tree planting people, so I talked about trees and got a good meal out of the deal at the American Legion in Warren.

October 29th


The sunshine sure perks one up. At least it does me. Wow. I feel on top of it. I get my entire list gets crossed off with little trouble.

Another contributor: I had been dreading the winter, and I finally decided to do something about it. I looked online for places to stay in Tucson. I found one I liked and booked it for the month of January. Suddenly, with that to look forward to, the rest of my existence fell into some order. I felt like working on other projects again.

October 28th

Red Sox sweep

Yawn. I didn't watch. No compelling story line. Not compelling enough, anyway. And it always galls me to see former Twin David Ortiz celebrating in another uniform. And who wants to watch Manny Ramirez celebrate anything?

October 27th


That's what they call farm wives nowadays. I spoke to an Agri-women's conference at the Ramada in Grand Forks yesterday. They asked that I speak about China.

About an hour before the program, it hit me that, since they had one of those fancy machines that can turn your pictures on your computer into a slide-show, perhaps I should have some slides. A picture would be worth a thousand words, I thought.

October 25th


October 24th

Visit to the Hilton

Went into the Hilton yesterday to see Aunt Olla. She has been tired lately. Others warned me in the hallway, but they also warned me not to say who spilled the beans that she has been slowing down a bit lately. There was an oxygen machine next to her bed which Olla alleges she doesn't use, but which had to be there for a reason.

The chief culprit: The lack of vitamins. There is an order on the way, which should perk her up. But the lack of vitamins (not the heart attack six weeks ago) is almost certainly why she is more tired.

Beltrami Garden Club

Meet the garden club equivalent of the 1927 Yankees, the Beltrami Garden Club, which celebrated their 50th anniversary at the Beltrami Mall Cafe today. Here is the entire club, with the exeption of Stella. 

Red-breasted nuthatch

A new bird showed up at the feeder yesterday. It took until this morning before I caught him with the camera. The red-breasted nuthatch is smaller than the common nuthatch and has a cute little nasal buzz for a call. 

October 23rd

Redbellied woodpecker

I don't know why the name. Most of the red seems to be on the head. After scaring most of the songbirds away with a few close passes by the birdfeeder, this impressive bird stopped by to hang out and have dinner.