Archive - Nov 13, 2007

Glass store

When in New York, you get out on the streets and head towards where you are going and then be open to what you find on the way, knowing that it might get in the way of you getting where you are going. We found this glass shop on the Upper East Side. I didn't see any piece in the place under $3500. 

John Singer Sargent

As expected, one of the highlights of the trip was seeing paintings of John Singer Sargent up close and personal. This trip the one which struck me was this portrait of a woman named Mrs. Hugh Hammersley, whoever that is. But what a painting. It is huge. Take a look at the detail. Then, when you get a distance from the painting, it all falls together and the genius of the artist becomes mind-bogglingly apparent.


Separated at birth

Rockefeller Center on Veterans Day

Under survelliance

New York condo prices

All I had to do was mention that I was in NYC on this weblog, and up pops ads for condos on the left hand side. It has disappeared since I first checked, but one was for condos starting at $10 million. Check out some of the prices for fun.

Flatiron building

Wouldn't it be great to have one of the apartments on the front corner of this legendary New York City building? Here's the other end of the building, the wide end which never gets pictured.