Archive - Nov 28, 2007

Joe's new video

Joe has posted a new video on Youtube. It is a song he wrote and it is introduced by Ocie.

Ocie has been here for the past six weeks helping with fall work. He is from Chicago. He met Joe at a meditation retreat in Illinois, and Joe recruited him to come to work.

However, on the bus on the way up here, Ocie fell asleep with his head against the window. When he woke up, his neck was pinched. He was in incredible pain.

Dreaming of Arizona

My parents are taking their turn in Arizona. As the temperatures fall here, I find myself longing to just jump in the pickup and head to Tucson. Every thermostat in the house reads 70 degrees, and the floor is toasty warm, but you can still feel the cold radiate in, especially if you walk by a window. An hour ago, one of the beams in the house cracked. It sounded like a gunshot.