Archive - Nov 29, 2007


Visited with my friends from New Jersey tonight. Through a long string of circumstances, they ended up having Thanksgiving dinner with this bunch. The Doerfels are a family with 10 children who perform bluegrass together. My friend Mark said it sure would be nice to hear you play, and they all jumped up, pulled out their instruments and went to town. Wow. I wonder if they'd come to the Polk County Fair in Fertile? Their website is here.

Garza, Bartlett traded

Fifteen minutes ago, the Twins traded Matt Garza to Tampa Bay for Delmon Young. Within five minutes of the trade, I looked up Delmon Young's Wikipedia entry, the one linked to here, and the first paragraph read, "Delmon Young, younger brother of Dmitri Young, is an outfielder with the Minnesota Twins." Sounded like it had been established fact for years.

Bemidji volunteers

Today I drove to Bemidji to speak to volunteers at the hospital. Some volunteers were affiliated with the nursing home, others with hospice, and the rest with the hospital.

The hospital was beautiful. I didn't expect such an impressive building. The meeting room was comfy and new, the sound system was good, and it was a nice crowd of people.

The Santana race is on

Now the Yankees have been joined by the Angels, the Red Sox and the Mets in the bidding for the services of Johan Santana. This is good news. As I pointed out below, the teams are trading for about one year of Santana--and then they have the right to pay him about $150 million to keep him longer. You would think teams wouldn't go crazy over such a proposal, but when you get the Yankees and the Red Sox bidding against each other, there is no rationality. I say the Twins should milk all they can out of the deal.