Archive - Dec 11, 2007

Introversion, continued

Many of you have emailed about the Rauch article on introversion.

It got me thinking, what social situations are difficult and what makes them so?

Fertile Hilton

At Aunt Olla's behest, Joe and I played at the Fertile Hilton this afternoon. It went fine. I felt off. My voice was raw. We tried some Christmas carols, with mixed results. Finally Aunt Ede came up and played a few while Joe and I sang, and that went better.

After I came home, I received an email from Aunt Adeline that our cousin Dorthy had passed away Saturday. Dorthy is Aunt Olla's oldest niece. She was a writer and poet who lived in the Bay Area. She was also a weblog reader.

Grace Lutheran

Last night, I performed in the beautiful sanctuary of Grace Lutheran Church in Ada. I played the pipe organ to start with as not many churches come so equipped. Then I moved to the beautiful grand piano, another rarity.

The dignity and size of the room did intimidate me a bit right at first, however, and it caused me to alter the program. It didn't feel quite right doing the country music, so I only did two numbers, and then I added a Chopin piece for some class. However, it was rusty since I haven't been using that piece for a while.