Archive - Dec 23, 2007

Some links

Sportswriter Howard Sinker, who works as the official scorer at the Metrodome, explains why Bert Blyleven may be given the short shrift by the sportswriters who vote for the Hall of Fame. I think the Hall of Fame is just plain silliness, but because I have been a fan of Bert Blyleven's since I was in third grade, I would like to see him get the honor. Lesser players have been enshrined ahead of him.

Back to the deep freeze

After a three day respite from the cold, this morning it was back with a windy vengeance. Single digits, above and below zero. 

I haven't felt much like photographing lately, but Lance went out this evening in the Grand Forks area and emailed these to me a few minutes ago. 

Silva gone

After a run in 2006 as the worst starting pitcher in the American League, Carlos Silva recovered last season to post a mediocre record. And a good thing he did: the market for mediocre pitchers better than the market for wheat, and Silva landed a $48 million dollar contract with the Seattle Mariners.