Archive - Dec 7, 2007

Today's fun read

It is an old article, but I have never run across Jonathan Rauch's brilliant piece on introversion before. I can relate. I love long one-on-one conversations and I love speaking to large groups, but meeting with small groups of people wears me down completely. Dinner parties and the like--they are something to be endured and gotten over with, not enjoyed. Rauch's formula for two hours of alone time for every hour of time spent in a group is conservative--I need much more.

Warren Seniors

Last night, I attended Senior Meals in Warren. It was a cold night. The snow crunched. Supper was at 5:30, and of course by that time it was completely dark. These are the nights that I think about in June and wonder how we can take it. Actually, they can be cozy.

Particularly if you are with good people--and if you have good food. They served delicious ribs last night, accompanied by baked potatoes. I ate myself silly, which I shouldn't do before singing and playing. But I did.