Archive - Dec 8, 2007

Alzheimer's, cont.

A few of you have written about your experiences with relatives with Alzheimer's. Thank you! When it is a close relative who gets Alzheimer's, the sadness of it must be unbearable. You lose the person you knew, and yet there they stand looking at you. I have not had that experience. I feel a little sheepish enjoying Alzheimer's patients so much--the tragedy of it is muted for me because I didn't know the patients before.

Memorable gifts

Another blogger has posted a list of some memorable Christmas gifts he received as a child. It got me thinking. The memorable gifts weren't always the biggest ones, of course.

1) One of the first gifts I remember was an art box Mom put together with tempura paints, Elmer's glue, sparkle and glitter, paint brushes and paper. She put them in a blue envelope box and wrapped them. I still remember the smell of the paints when I opened the box.