Archive - Dec 2007

December 17th

Twins improve

The best source of information for the Minnesota Twins, if you happen to be an addict as I am, is Aaron Gleeman. He seems to think that the addition of Houston Astro 3rd baseman Mike Lamb and shortstop Adam Everett are going to improve the team. Nobody analyzes the numbers like Gleeman, so it is reassuring that he's on board with these signings. The one troubling matter is Lamb's fielding. He's one of the worst glovemen at 3rd base in the major leagues.

Trip to Fergus

December 16th


The trees were frosty yesterday. Above is one of my favorite oaks. It stands one mile west of the nursery. I see it every time I drive to town, which is virtually every day. 

Lions Club

Yesterday, I performed for the Fertile Lions Club Senior Citizens Christmas Party in Fertile. Funny, I get more nervous performing in Fertile than I do anywhere else. It went fine, however.

Weblog readers Chuck, Barb and Margaret were there. A good time was had by all! At least I enjoyed it.

Then, up to Grand Forks for Lance's graduation party at Whitey's. Interesting people. Photographers, artists, philosophers, graphic designers, a psychologist, a writer, and so on.

December 15th


Now this is art.

December 14th

Party at the Hilton

Yesterday, Aunt Olla and I had a date to go up town so she could buy some cards at the drug store. I figured that maybe the weather would dissuade her, but no way. She was ready to go when I arrived at the Hilton to pick her up.

December 13th

Les's bales

I had to shrink this picture down a little so it isn't so blame obvious that I took down the powerlines with my photo-editing program. Sorry, Les. Wild Rice will be out later in the day.

Settling into winter

December 11th


December 10th

Introversion, continued

Many of you have emailed about the Rauch article on introversion.

It got me thinking, what social situations are difficult and what makes them so?