Archive - Mar 2007

March 30th

Talk, talk, talk

This week has been busy with speaking engagements. Went to Detroit Lakes on Tuesday to speak to the Friends of the Library group. The Detroit Lakes library occupies a beautiful building. When they added to the old Carnegie library, they kept the same style. Big oak doors, tall ceilings. Very nice.

The ladies at the meeting served angel food cake with a nice strawberry topping. Very good.

March 28th


Yesterday I had a fascinating phone interview with a Mr. Roger Williamson, the center for the Thief River Falls basketball team in 1952. Williamson was the star of that team, which was expected to go to state, but which was upset by tiny Halstad in the region final.

It was gracious of Mr. Williamson to give me an interview about one of the lowest points in his life. "That game changed our lives," he said.

March 27th


Yesterday on my way to Mahnomen, I drove past Norman Church four miles from the nursery. You could see it across the field from my yard. It was foggy, and I was tempted to take a picture of the church in the mist.

I should have, for when I drove past today, this is what I saw:

March 26th

Hitting on all cylinders

Today, it felt like the nursery was fully functioning. It was a beautiful day, so everybody was upbeat.

A summary: With Mom overseeing the greenhouse activity, Orpha and Lyla transplanted seedlings in the shop. Sharon potted the canna bulbs, which wintered particularly well this year, while Dale divided grasses clumps and potted up the resulting plugs.

March 25th

Geese tourists

Lots of geese flying through. Some stop and have a look around. Might as well see the sights while you're at it.

The fogs of March

Beautiful, foggy, warm day today. Where there were snowbanks or fields of ice on the lakes, fog steamed up. I got out to take pictures of the bridge across the Red River south of Grand Forks. 

March 23rd

Melt picks up

It is going to remain above freezing all night tonight. That is when things start to dry out and the remaining snow goes fast. We still need rain, so if any of those predictions come true, I don't think anybody would argue.

The yard at the nursery is a mud hole. My pickup is covered in mud, but why wash it until it the puddles dry out?

Flocks of geese are flying low. They don't land in my swamp because there's not enough water. It is nice to hear them honking. It is a sign of spring.

March 22nd

Joe Mauer will be okay

I'll get to that in a moment.

But first, some background. I had a meeting tonight of our local Early Childhood Initiative. We are trying to figure out how to help young children. We will be working with a grant from the Northwest Minnesota Foundation. I am on their board. So I was at the local meeting in a dual capacity.

March 21st

Lifelong learning

Today, I drove to Clearbrook to talk to their Lifelong Learning seminar. It is mostly retired people. Community ed puts it on. There were well over 100 people there. I sang and played and talked.

It went fine. The people in Clearbrook are always fun and inquisitive.


A great article in today's Tribune about a player from a 1931 state tournament team who lived to see his town return to State this year. Look at the obvious respect the young players and their coach have for the gentleman in the photographs.