Archive - Mar 13, 2007

Visit to the Hilton

It was time for a visit to the Hilton again today. It was good to see that some of the residents who had looked in such tough shape last time I was in had perked up.

Aunt Olla has a new roomate, Bernice. They get along famously.

The sidewalks were melted off enough for us to go uptown for coffee and pie, then over the Encore for some used clothes and down to the grocery store for some cheese. Bernice brought in an icebox which she will share with Olla. Olla used to store her cheese down in the kitchen, but now she will have it right in the room.

Swans return

This morning, I heard the familiar honking and soon saw three stately swans circling the swamp. Alas, there is not enough water there for them to land in their old home. Right now, I think they are looking for blue ice. They poke their heads through and dig around the bottoms for plant roots. They can't do that if there's no water and the swamp bottom is frozen solid. Sad! I do hope the swans remember their old swamp when it fills up again.