Archive - Mar 23, 2007

Melt picks up

It is going to remain above freezing all night tonight. That is when things start to dry out and the remaining snow goes fast. We still need rain, so if any of those predictions come true, I don't think anybody would argue.

The yard at the nursery is a mud hole. My pickup is covered in mud, but why wash it until it the puddles dry out?

Flocks of geese are flying low. They don't land in my swamp because there's not enough water. It is nice to hear them honking. It is a sign of spring.

Joe Mauer will be okay

I'll get to that in a moment.

But first, some background. I had a meeting tonight of our local Early Childhood Initiative. We are trying to figure out how to help young children. We will be working with a grant from the Northwest Minnesota Foundation. I am on their board. So I was at the local meeting in a dual capacity.