Archive - Mar 7, 2007


Got this in my email inbox a few minutes ago:

Gang of One

Uncle Dale and weblog reader Ron have pointed me towards Fan Shen, a teacher at Rochester Community College and the author of a book entitled Gang of One, an account of his life in the Chinese Red Guard.

I love the facetious autobiography on the official community college website. Makes me want to read this book.

A look back

A Chinese scholar looks back at his youth during the Cultural Revolution. He was separated from his parents. He went to the countryside, while his parents went to a village in Pudong, Shanghai.

That caught my eye. Pudong, Shanghai is now bristling with skyscrapers. No villages there now.

Mystery solved

On July 10 of 1977, the Twins were playing the Seattle Mariners. I was listening to the game while riding in the back end of our Dodge station wagon.

With nobody on in the first inning, up came Mike Cubbage against Stan Thomas. Thomas fired the first pitch at Cubbage's head. It missed. Seemed odd, Herb Carneal said, this early in the game for a pitcher to be throwing at somebody.