Archive - Mar 2007

March 8th

Geranium day

Today, 6800 geraniums arrived at Fed Ex in Grand Forks. I picked them up in the van. By the time we got them all in, I was pressed against the windshield for the most cramped drive I have ever undertaken.

No sooner had I gotten home than another box showed up in Grand Forks, so I turned around and drove back. Meanwhile, a semi load of trees arrived from Bailey Nursery which the guys unloaded.

So, things are popping at the nursery. We have plenty to do.

March 7th


Got this in my email inbox a few minutes ago:

Gang of One

Uncle Dale and weblog reader Ron have pointed me towards Fan Shen, a teacher at Rochester Community College and the author of a book entitled Gang of One, an account of his life in the Chinese Red Guard.

I love the facetious autobiography on the official community college website. Makes me want to read this book.

March 6th

A look back

A Chinese scholar looks back at his youth during the Cultural Revolution. He was separated from his parents. He went to the countryside, while his parents went to a village in Pudong, Shanghai.

That caught my eye. Pudong, Shanghai is now bristling with skyscrapers. No villages there now.

Mystery solved

On July 10 of 1977, the Twins were playing the Seattle Mariners. I was listening to the game while riding in the back end of our Dodge station wagon.

With nobody on in the first inning, up came Mike Cubbage against Stan Thomas. Thomas fired the first pitch at Cubbage's head. It missed. Seemed odd, Herb Carneal said, this early in the game for a pitcher to be throwing at somebody.

March 5th


I heard this essay on NPR today. Having just been to Shanghai, it perked up my interest. Plus, the point made is everlastingly true.

Perspective from China

Cold again

Nine below in March. That's a jolt after the nice, melting day yesterday.

The effects of any cold weather are mitigated in March because you know it won't last forever. One month from now, the Twins will be playing, the snow will be melting and things will be looking up. If there's a blizzard or two in the meantime, fine.

I am partial to blizzards this winter because I want the swamp in front of my house to fill up. It drained last summer when the beaver dam holding the water in place broke down. It was also dry.

March 1st

Aunt Olla plays whist

While visiting Aunt Olla at the Fertile Hilton yesterday, she told me about a game of whist she had attempted. No need for me to relate the story second hand; Olla wrote it down herself. (I think she's tired of me twisting what she says.)
For a while now, I have wanted to play four-handed whist again. I told this to Linda who is on the activity program. She said she would come and get me one day and find the best players.

This she did. She got us started, but then she had to leave for a meeting so couldn't give us the help we so desperately needed.

History unearthed

The son of a reporter who was the first into Nagasaki after the bomb dropped has put together a book of his father's dispatches, which were intercepted by General McArthur and supressed at the time.

Notice the statistics about American prisoners in the Japanese prison camps.